HomeWork Therapy®

About HomeWork Therapy®

In our culture we separate the emotional from the academic. When students are having trouble learning to read, we send them to a reading specialist to shore up their reading skills, and to a therapist to help them cope with their feelings about having difficulty reading. HomeWork Therapy® addresses both issues simultaneously. Our dual training as psychologists and learning specialists allows us to move fluidly between the emotional and cognitive aspects of a student’s individual challenges. HomeWork Therapy® combines tutoring, cognitive remediation and psychotherapy into a single treatment to address a student’s complete academic and emotional needs.

Through HomeWork Therapy®, students begin to develop a new model for what it feels like to do their work. At first we help them feel comfortable attempting to do the work. Once students feel confident they begin to develop more positive views of themselves as learners, which ultimately leads to an overall enhanced sense of self.

Who Is It For?

HomeWork Therapy® is perfectly suited to help students with many disparate issues, including: disheartened students learning to read; ADHD students learning to manage their focus (with or without medication) and to write more organized essays; students with visual-spatial and motor processing deficits learning how to do math; students with executive functioning deficits learning how to handle novelty and use strategies; and students with test anxiety learning how to perform well on standardized tests. Again, because we are trained as therapists and learning specialists, we can address cognitive and emotional issues in tandem, which has proven to be most effective. HomeWork Therapists present material that plays to each student’s natural abilities and strengths, allowing them to overcome any insecurities and weaknesses. Our philosophy is that it is our responsibility, not the student’s, to translate difficult material into something accessible. We let students know that at school it feels like it is their job to ‘get it’ but that at the Brooklyn Learning Center it is our job to explain it.

When and How Much?

We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 7:30 pm. Fees vary with the service. Please call for more details at 516-902-3902 or email us Kelly@BLCPsychologyTribeca.com

HomeWork Therapy® Methodology: