Neuropsychological And Educational Evaluations

School can be very frustrating for kids with learning issues. Often they feel out of sync with their classmates and frustrated that the level of effort they put into their schoolwork is not matched by the feedback they receive. Our Neuropsychological and Educational Evaluations exist to give these students (and their parents) a road map to how they learn. Through the assessment process we identify students’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses and explain how these underlie academic struggles. Typically, students and their parents are relieved to find out that what seems difficult for them genuinely is more difficult for them than it is for others, and they are happy that we offer tangible techniques to overcome their individual obstacles. Most importantly, we offer a person (a HomeWork Therapist) to teach them the techniques to work on these issues.

Who Is It For?

There’s the kid who’s a whirling dervish of disorder, his backpack jammed with crumpled papers. Sure, he might have a binder, but mixed in with his Chemistry notes are American History notes and a doodle of his teacher. Then there’s the girl who’s used to being good at everything…that is, until she got to geometry. It’s obvious to her that this triangle is the same size as that triangle, but why on earth does she have to prove it using eight different steps in only one acceptable order?

An evaluation reveals that the boy with the backpack has weaknesses in Executive Function (EF) but also that he is excellent at solving problems in unique and creative ways. And the girl having trouble with geometry has a Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD) but is excellent at anything language-based. She can use this skill to talk through the geometry proof before she begins writing down the steps. Whatever the difficulty, the evaluation recommends strategies not just for the student, but for the student’s family, tutor and school as well.

When and How Much?

Parents come for an initial meeting. Students come for assessment days and then students and parents come for feedback meetings to learn more about how they learn.

Fees vary with the service. Please call for more details at or email us

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