Who Does My Child Meet With?

Students meet with staff psychologists and post-doctoral fellows for their assessment sessions. Parents will meet with a senior psychologist who is expert in assessment, and reports are written collaboratively among all psychologists and the assessor. This helps ensure that the overall interpretation of results is accurate, that the assessment provides a complete picture of the student’s issues and most importantly that the written report conveys the ideas in clear and accessible language for parents and teachers. We do assessments in this collaborative way because many students who come for assessment will continue with HomeWork Therapy® afterward.

All of the people who do assessments at BLC also do HomeWork Therapy®. This means they are expert at making students feel comfortable during assessment and at observing how students approach tasks, why they have trouble with them, or why they are excellent at them. This type of careful observation of process, rather than product, allows us to understand how students function and to make recommendations about what helps them when they are stuck during tasks. Our reports focus on why students get low scores and not simply on the numbers. From this we can map out how best to help individual students.

It can be a very valuable experience to work with the same person during assessment and HomeWork Therapy®, and the staff and fellows have time for new students all year long.